A Messed Up Foot in the Magical City

We left Miami Sunday afternoon and headed up to Orlando. We were going to stay there for the next few days, and leave Thursday night for Destin to meet up with Angel’s family. We had the passes for four parks at Walt Disney World, and we planned to make the most of our time so that we could see as much as possible. We ate out at night then headed to Walmart to buy some ponchos because of the rain that was on the forecast for the week. It was chaotic! We should have had an idea of how busy it would be when it took us some time to find a parking spot. One lady that was putting her bags in her car kindly told us that we could take her cart because there were no more left in the entrance of the store. It was like Black Friday. The line for self-checkout was really long, and almost EVERY register except for two was open.

This elegant pair surprised us by crossing the road as we left the hotel.

All of Monday was spent in Epcot. Although there were plenty of warnings before getting on our first ride, we shrugged them off and got on the Mars Mission. After walking out of the building, we had to sit down because we were feeling dizzy. It’s crazy how visual effects can really mess with your mind, since it’s not like we were actually flipped over or anything like that. The rest of the rides were great, and we enjoyed the fresh air brought on by an approaching storm in the afternoon. The fireworks at night were delayed for a while because of distant lightning. They were really nice and Angel recorded the whole thing with his GoPro so that we could show it to our family later.

To view the picture better, tap on the picture then tap on “View full size”.

On Tuesday, we headed to Magic Kingdom. Angel had made lunch reservations at the “Be Our Guest” Restaurant, and we chose the big dining hall to sit down and eat. We placed our orders on a screen, then picked a table to sit down. The servers bring your food to you, without even having directed you to a table. The Magic Bands help them to find you.

Photos that were taken on rides were also linked to our Magic bands automatically. A screen displayed Angel’s name as we passed by it on our way out of a ride. I am sure that there must be a whole article out there that explains all of this, but it was our first time experiencing it so we were amazed.

It was really hot that day, and the walking combined with the standing around in lines got to us. I was cranky and hungry by 5 pm, unwilling to stand for 2 hours to ride the Seven Dwarfs roller coaster. Angel was cranky because he wanted to get on it, but he was also tired and hungry. Our feet were so sore too. We decided to leave then, and eat dinner at Red Robin. It felt so good to sit and have food! We went back to the hotel, and Angel knocked out by 8 pm. (If you think about it, it was 7 pm central time! Just to show how tired he was.)

It was funny that while we were on vacation, a viral post about millennials at Disney was circulating on Facebook and on the news. It was from this mother who was angry at childless couples going to Disney because she believed the parks are only for families. Her toddler son had thrown a temper tantrum because he had seen a millennial aged woman with a pretzel, and the line to get one was too long.

While we were at Epcot and the Magic Kingdom, we saw many young children throw fits and we don’t blame them for it. The heat was horrible, the lines were extremely long and there were so many people. As adults who are supposed to be patient and tolerant enough of inconveniences, we still found it very tiring to be on our feet all day. We were hungry, sweaty and exhausted. We could only imagine how hard it was for the little ones to be at a park all day from the hour it opens to closing time. We love Disney so much, and would love to take our kids there one day. However, we feel that it would be best to take them when they are old enough to really enjoy it and remember the experience. Anyway, that’s the end of my side note.

If you remember our car rental situation from the beginning of the trip, we had to switch out a van to a sedan. On our way to Orlando, it was having tire pressure issues, and even though Angel put more air into the tires, it still had the sensor on. We decided Angel would have it checked on Wednesday morning while I would do laundry at the hotel. We would go to Hollywood Studios as soon as we were done with our errands. No issues were found with the tire, so Angel took it back to the car rental agency and swapped it out for our third car for the trip. We finally had a nice car. I had finished doing the laundry and Angel took his shower so that we could leave to the park.

Right as we were ready to leave, I went to the restroom. As I walked over to the sink to wash my hands, I stepped in some water left from the shower and I did a half split. My right foot must have folded over as I felt a sharp pain and a bruise appeared immediately. I tried to put on my shoes, but I could only limp from the pain. I was unable to walk. I was so upset about it, and I cried from the pain but mostly from the frustration that our plans had been ruined for the day. Angel found out that our unused passes could be redeemed for a later time and date, so I felt a bit of consolation in knowing that the money hadn’t been wasted. I spent all Wednesday in the bed, miserable about the situation. We decided that instead of leaving late Thursday night to Destin, we would head out early.

In retrospect, it probably would have been really hard on us to stay awake for the 6 hour trip to Destin after a full day at the Animal Kingdom (as we had initially planned). Now we were well-rested, and not stressed about time. My foot was better on Thursday, but I still had a limp and it would make a cracking noise while I was walking. The good thing was that it never got swollen, so I am not even sure that it was sprained. There was a sharp pain every time it cracked for a couple of weeks, but then it finally went away when we went to a cold river with friends. (Cold water really does have healing properties!)

So our vacation in Orlando was put on pause, to be resumed at a later time. We would like to go again when the temperature is fresher and Disney World is not as crowded. And yes, we don’t care that we are childless millennials at a theme park. Disney is for all ages!

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