Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

After our delicious Salvadoran breakfast, we visited the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Angel is not too crazy about museums but he knew how much I wanted to go and see it. It was really beautiful! I took many pictures, (way more than what I will post) but these are the ones that I really want to share with you.

Before walking into the museum, we saw the bright green iguana. There were iguanas all over the grounds of the estate, this one being mid-size, and the others were smaller. I think they’re pretty cute, and I wouldn’t mind having one living in my backyard.

James Deering had this estate planned and built so that he could spend the winters in warm Florida while avoiding the harsh winters of the northern states. I do want to point out that even though he had direct access to the water, there was no beach. He competed in boat racing and won.

There were plants and trees that I had never seen before in my life. He had an orchid garden on one side of the estate, and large beautiful gardens on the other side. Even though the gardens looked very nice and I wanted to take pictures there, we left before checking out that side. It was so hot that day, and we were getting very tired because of all of the walking in the heat. Since we had seen everything else, we didn’t feel too bad about missing out on the gardens. It was fresher inside the building because the rooms had dehumidifiers and some portable AC units to keep the humidity from damaging the furnishings and decor.

I loved how the chandeliers were so unique and different to the typical ones you see in a home. Each room had been designed with a certain style and period in mind and had a name. Of course, I had my fill of gorgeous doors with amazing details.

I think the best time to visit a place like this would be in the fall or spring, when the weather is still fresh and breezy. The admission is a little pricey, so it wouldn’t be worth it to leave right away if the heat is unbearable. There are audio and guided tours available for an extra fee if desired.

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