An Amazing Breakfast

Angel did most of the planning for the whole trip, which I happily let him do. I am not picky about things, and I trust his judgment. The one area I did give input on was on the food. As you know, I schedule my day around my meals because of health reasons but also because I really enjoy eating. In order to avoid the famous question:

“What do you want to eat?”

I had saved on my Google maps the restaurants I wanted to check out in every city. In Miami, I had looked for a Salvadoran restaurant and found one with great reviews and it even had an Instagram account.

I was starving by the time we got there for breakfast (basically brunch). Even though the restaurant is a little on the small side, they were able to seat us quickly. It took some time to get the food but man, was it WORTH IT!!! Angel had ordered a tamal de gallina to start, and it came with some curtido on the side. That was the BEST curtido I had ever tasted in my whole life. Just to show how much I enjoyed my food, I will include the before and after of my plate. Angel was a bit embarrassed as to how clean I left it, but I couldn’t help it when the food was so good and the tortillas were freshly made.

I ordered a desayuno tipico that consisted of scrambled eggs with tomato and onion, refried beans, fried plantains, cheese and crema. Angel had pretty much the same plate except his eggs were fried and he got a side of meat as well. He had horchata to drink, and I had tamarindo.

Are you ready for the “after” picture?

I think you can tell I enjoyed my food! I had an extra bowl of crema just because Angel isn’t a fan of it in general.

So if Angel and I get the chance to go to Miami again, we will definitely stop by El Atlakat de la 40 to have some more delicious Salvadoran food. I am so glad I found this place on the map and that we had the chance to try it out!

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