Vacation: Siesta Key

Once we were settled in our hotel room, we took a short but very refreshing nap. Our plan was to get some lunch, then go to the beach afterwards. It had rained a bit in the morning while we rested, so we wanted to take advantage of the sunshine to get into the water.

When Angel told me that we were going to vacation in Florida, I started looking for the best beaches to go visit. There were so many great reviews on Siesta Key, and I convinced Angel that we should visit that one instead of Clearwater (apparently another great beach). Let me tell you that those reviews were not kidding! I loved Siesta Key beach! The sand was white and the water was clear.

We got there in the afternoon, a little after 2:00 pm and the parking lot was packed. There were a lot of covered picnic areas by the main building so that you can eat in the shade. If we had not been delayed because of the flights and the car rental issue, we would have been at Siesta Key a lot earlier in the day to avoid the crowds. But there is still a lot of place to swim without bumping into other people. Due to stormy clouds moving quickly our way, our swim was cut short. We weren’t even in the water for an hour because the life guard told everyone to get out. It was amazing to see how fast those clouds came our way and the water became a dark green.

So, our first 12 hours might have been over theoretically but we still had issues when we got back to the hotel. When we tried opening our hotel room, the card would not unlock the door. Angel went downstairs to get help, and they thought the lock might need some charging. In the mean time, they gave us another room to sit in while they worked on opening ours. It was so ridiculous at that point, we couldn’t believe how many things had gone wrong for us in so little time. It was fixed and we went back to our old room.

The next morning, we got up early and got to the beach before 9:00 am. There were just a few cars, and barely anyone was in the water. The majority were just taking a stroll or sitting in their chairs. The water was very calm, so it was so relaxing for us to not have to fight against the waves. I like to have a few waves but not when they are constantly crashing against you and you are struggling to stay standing up. Angel was floating on his back like a cute sea otter. We left after 10:30 am to go and check out of the hotel. More people had arrived by then, but it was still empty compared to the day before.

The beach is very long and wide! Plenty of room for everyone.
It was a little cloudy again, and we felt some drops of rain while we were swimming.
Finally relaxing on his vacation!
This picture was taken the day before after the rain.

If someone told me let’s go to Siesta Key, I would get my suitcase ready in no time! The vibe that you get when staying in Sarasota and Siesta Key is very laid back and relaxed. I don’t really know if there’s much else to do there in terms of night attractions and entertainment. It just felt like a really nice place to unwind and be by the water. On our way to and from the hotel, we passed by some very nice neighborhoods with beachfront properties. Maybe it would be a good place to go and retire for wealthy individuals.

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