Vacation: First 12 Hours

Thursday had arrived, and the suitcase was packed. Lucy had an idea something was up, because she had sad eyes and at one point, she cried while carrying a toy squirrel in her mouth. It’s tough to leave the fur babies behind since they don’t know how long we will be away!

Angel and his parents arrived at the house, and they took us to the airport. We were doing so well with time, and we passed through airport security pretty quickly. Our flight was leaving at 8:00 pm, and they were going to start boarding at 7:20 pm. It was past 7:30 pm and we didn’t see anyone boarding. Not too long after, there was an announcement that the flight would be delayed until 8:30 pm due to plane maintenance (tire change). Then it was delayed to 9 pm. 9:30 pm. 10 pm. Then they announced we would be going on a different place, and we had to go to another gate on the international arrivals’ side of the airport. Our next time to board the plane was 11:30 pm, as this one was coming in from Los Angeles and was landing at 11:05 pm.

Even though we were tired, we were both still in good spirits despite the inconvenience. Angel had called the hotel earlier in the day to let them know we would be checking in after 1 am (landing in Orlando at 11 pm and then driving to Sarasota), and the lady had told him that she would put notes and let the front desk know. With our four hour delay, we were looking at getting at the hotel after 5 am. Oh, we were so naive and optimistic!

The flight was uneventful, and we both had short naps. We landed in Orlando at 3 am, and hit our next bump in the road. The car rental company was out of sedans and only had minivans. Angel was disgruntled by it because he had reserved something else, and the guy at the desk said we got there too late. Angel told him it wasn’t our fault, so then the guy said we could come back later and swap out the car for another one. That wasn’t an option for us since we were supposed to go to Sarasota right away, and then he said we could swap out the car in Tampa’s airport. On the way to Tampa, Angel called the hotel to let them know we were getting there later than expected. Guess what? Somehow the reservation had been cancelled. He told them that he had called earlier and that there were supposed to be notes about us getting there late. She couldn’t find anything, and she said that once we arrived we could figure it out.

It was 5 am when we drove in Tampa, still too early for the car rental company (they open at 6 am). We went to Walmart to buy a few things, and took a 30 minute nap in the car. It took a good 45 minutes to get our next car because the girl was trying to convince Angel to rent a Mustang (ha!) at a higher price than what he had booked for and also had difficulty switching the cars in the system without “returning” it. At that point, I was so out of it. I don’t know how Angel was able to stay awake and perky for so long because I could barely stay awake! We watched the morning sunrise as we left to Sarasota, and made it after 7 am. I was so glad when Angel told me I could stay in the car while he figured out the reservations at the hotel. Turns out they had added an extra “a” to his last name.

I was so tired, but so hungry at the same time that I debated on what to do. I decided to have some breakfast and returned back to the room to take a morning nap. Even though Angel was not feeling as tired as me, he fell asleep too in no time.

Our first leg of the trip was pretty crazy, but we were fine. I think the fact that we didn’t have a rush to be anywhere helped us to keep our calm and not get stressed out about it. It was hard to believe that so many things would go wrong at the beginning of our vacation, but what’s an adventure without hiccups? Plus, we got to see a really nice sunrise and double rainbow. God is good.

One thought on “Vacation: First 12 Hours

  1. Oh no!! So sorry that happened! :/ that really sucks. There is only so much you can control and plan for a trip :S hope the rest of the trip has been going smoother. Enjoy guys!


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