House or Car

Get a brand new house or Get a brand new car

I would definitely pick a brand new house. I have never lived in a house that has been my family’s. We have always rented apartments, and then two houses.

It would be such a nice experience because I would finally be able to decorate without having to worry about making too many holes in the wall. I have never painted my room before, so that will be nice to do as well. The constant worry about having to leave things nice for the landlord will be gone, because I will be able to live as I please in my own home. Also, when renting, everything feels like a hand-me-down. Having a brand new house means that I will be the first one to use the appliances, flooring and walls. I won’t have to worry about anything breaking down just yet or that will need replacement.

Having a brand new car is nice, but it’s not the same as a new house. I think it’s because we know that a car isn’t meant to last forever. As much as you want the new car smell to last, it will be gone in no time. Angel buys car fresheners to hang in the car but I feel they just smell weird and plasticky to me.

I want my kids to grow up in the house we will eventually buy. It will be associated with all of their memories of their childhood. I hope that it will be a place that our family and friends will want to spend time in. I want it to be a place filled with happiness and love. I really look forward to the day we buy our home.

This post concludes the category, “Would You Rather”. It was a short series and I enjoyed it. I hope you did too!

I will be posting a few single posts before starting a new category. Thank you for reading my blog!

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