Friends or Spouse

Go on vacation with friends


Go on vacation with spouse

When I was a little girl, I never liked going to a sleepover. Generally, my parents wouldn’t allow me to go to any, so I was fine with that. But even if I had been allowed, I would rather have made up an excuse to not go or just say they didn’t let me.

I remember one time that my family went to visit some relatives for a couple of days. I was excited to see my cousins and spend time with them, and then we all got ready for bed. Us girls were going to share one large bed, and I remember my aunt asking if we needed to go to the bathroom before sleeping. I said no, because I was ok at the moment, but shortly after I needed to go pee. I wanted to go, but my other boy cousins were playing with their father in front of the bathroom, and that meant that I would have to pass by them to get in. I was super shy about going and knowing that they might hear me through the door. I waited to see if they would leave, but they didn’t. I ended up crying for my parents and I went to sleep with them instead that night. Funny thing is, that they all thought I had cried because I really missed my parents but it was just because of my shyness and not being able to go to the bathroom. I tried again another night to sleep with one of my cousins, and this time I was fine.

I don’t cry for my parents anymore (in case you were wondering!) when I have to travel with friends but I still feel a lot of anxiety and shyness about sharing sleeping quarters and a bathroom with someone else, even if they are close friends. I love being in my own bed and having my familiar things. Also, if you can’t stay up until the crack of dawn, then there’s no point in having a sleepover, right? My dislike for it has grown more now that I get sick when I go to sleep late, so I am definitely the #1 party pooper.

As much as I enjoy spending time with my friends, I would rather go on vacation with Angel. I just feel a lot more comfortable with him. I spent a good part of my teen years dreaming of the time I would be able to travel the world and go to places with my man, and now I get to do it. We have seen beautiful things together. We have seen things that have shocked us, and that have made us laugh. There’s nothing better than making all of these memories together.

2 thoughts on “Friends or Spouse

  1. Aww your story is so cute. I am sorry that, that happened! I agree. I would rather travel with David. He is my #1 person and best friend. I like hanging out with friends but if I had to choose it would be my husband.


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