Adult or Kid

Be an adult your whole life

Be a kid your whole life

This one is really hard. There are pros and cons to each option.

If I were a kid my whole life… I wouldn’t have to worry about work, or paying the bills. I wouldn’t have to think about serious issues because my parents would be there to worry about those things for me. I could just go to school and play during my free time. I could ask for toys for my birthday, (because who wants clothes when you’re little?)

I would always have my mom nearby for me to run to whenever I feel like it, and I wouldn’t have to worry about her getting old and not having her anymore with me. All I would have to do is just be.

Problem is, I wouldn’t get to experience falling in love with the love of my life. I wouldn’t know what it is to have my own little place to take care of and manage. I wouldn’t know how much I would enjoy college. I wouldn’t know the satisfaction of getting a raise at work, or being able to drive myself somewhere. I wouldn’t be able to eat whatever I felt like eating at the moment.

I think being a child has its perks, but there’s a reason why we only spend a decade or less as one. If you notice, a child’s life is not very complicated. Everything revolves around the needs and wants of a child, because at that stage of life, we are only concerned about ourselves. We don’t have to worry about anything. As we grow older, we learn to have empathy for others. We learn to share our toys, and to apologize when we say or do something hurtful. We become aware of others and our place in this world. Human beings are supposed to keep on learning as they age, and if we stayed as children, our development would be stunted.

Personally, I would prefer being an adult for my whole life, (which I mostly get to be anyways). I feel like I enjoy things a lot more now that I am older than when I was younger. My appreciation for others has grown as well. I love food now. Being able to wake up next to my best-friend is awesome. I like being able to decide what I am going to do next and where I will go. I understand now why my dad just wanted to stay home on the weekends. There are so many more reasons for why I like being an adult.

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