Peace or Hunger

Have world peace


Stop world hunger

I have been warned already by some friends that I would be judged on my response to this post. I hope I don’t disappoint! 🙂

I don’t think peace is the answer to the world’s problems. It’s hard to sit down with others and reach an agreement when you are worried about the needs of your own people. What would be the motivation to stop conflicts?

As I have been trying to do with every post, I try to relate it to my own life and experiences. You might laugh, but I get emotional when I am really hungry. It’s embarrassing to say the least. It’s not the time for me to make any major decisions in my life, or to approach a sensitive matter with someone. Once I eat, then I can see things objectively. This is a minor “issue” for me that can be resolved quickly and easily.

Let us look at hunger on a bigger scale. What about countries that experience famine and poverty? What about the places that lack the tools and knowledge to tap into their natural resources? What about the countries that have corrupt officials with disparate levels of wealth, forcing their citizens to loot and harm others in other to get a scrap of food? I think a promise of peace between this kind of country and another is great, but it doesn’t help the person directly in his search for food to feed his family. When you’re hungry, it doesn’t matter that the server tells you that the meal will be the best you ever had. You need to actually see it, smell it, and savor it in order for it to count. It has to be tangible item, not just a theory.

I am not saying that hunger is the only reason why people commit crimes and go to war. Greed, selfishness, hate and pure evil are traits that can lead some to do those acts. However, I feel that if people didn’t have to worry about being able to feed their families or themselves, the population will feel more content. The feeling of desperation that many parents must feel when they see their children crying for food will be gone. If their well-being is assured, then they will be more reasonable, productive and open to negotiations. This can lead to talks of world peace, a lot more easily than world peace leading to an end of hunger.

What would you pick?

9 thoughts on “Peace or Hunger

  1. I agree with you! Hunger makes people do crazy and desperate things. If everyone was able to have a roof under their head, food to eat every night, and stable income I think there would be less crimes? Everyone would be on the same page. At least, that is what my optimistic self is hoping for! I feel like getting rid of world hunger would be a priority. Then like you said we could work on world peace.


  2. I agree, food is fundamental human need. It will not solve all the world problems but in some cases is the cause of it.


  3. I have to say that if the concept of peace also includes peace imside each country and not jus between countries, I would pick world peace. With so much money not being needed for keepeing up ries and buying armament, that money could be used to help others. And if that peace is the product of individuals of a country avoiding conflict and having a more merciful attitude, maybe they will also be more willing to lend a hand, to share the bread, to share the home. If the world peace is the product of better citizens, perhaps people would have goodness in their hearts to also stop world hunger.


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