Dinner or Concert

Go to dinner alone


Go to a concert alone

If you count having lunch alone at a restaurant, then I have done both of these options already. Maybe lunch wouldn’t count since it doesn’t feel as formal as dinner.

I would be fine with having dinner alone. When I used to do some volunteering during my college days, I would ride the Metro bus to get there. I would stop to have some lunch at La Madeleine and I would sit at a small table by myself. I didn’t mind being alone, as I would keep myself occupied by looking at my phone. I had been doing that already for a couple years during college. Once I stopped sharing classes with my friends, it was hard to see them on campus due to conflicts of schedule.

Going to a concert alone is an experience I would never want to repeat again. It’s hard to write the reason why without sounding petty. I had naively thought that my friend and I were going to spend a girls’ day out at the Rodeo and at the Keith Urban concert. We were having a great time together until her secret boyfriend, who had been desperate to see her, showed up to tag along. From being the awkward third wheel as they walked around and kissed, to sitting all alone during the whole concert as I wondered where she was, I realized that day where our friendship stood in her eyes. She was my ride home, and I would have been really stuck if I couldn’t find her since I didn’t have a phone. As we reunited in front of the stadium, she held my hand tightly as we walked towards her parents’ car because she knew how mad I was and she felt bad.

I could have gotten her in trouble with her parents, but I didn’t say anything about the guy. I didn’t say anything to my mom either when I made it home late at night, but I told her the next day. I talked on the phone with my boyfriend and he got upset about the whole situation because he thought he should have been able to go too, but hadn’t since it was a girls’ outing. I guess it took a lonely night at a concert for me to find out that she needed to have everything revolve around her. My friendship never fully recovered, and is now non-existent.

This post is turning out to be kind of sad, but the point of it is to say how much it matters to me to share a concert. I love music! I enjoy hearing the musicians and singers get into the song and play their hearts out. I love singing along with thousands of other fans. It’s as if your hearts connect with the emotions conveyed by the music. There’s nothing better than sharing this experience with someone else. It’s like sharing your favorite teddy bear with another kid to cheer them up, because you want them to feel happy like you do when you hug it.

P.S. Many years later, I had the chance to go to another Keith Urban concert with Angel and his relatives. This time, I really enjoyed it and appreciated Keith’s mad guitar skills.

2 thoughts on “Dinner or Concert

  1. Dinning out alone (without a phone back then) certainly didn’t feel good to me… But I can imagine how very alone you must feel in a concert, especially when someone lets you down like that!


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