Elevator or Ski Lift

Stuck in an elevator or Stuck on a ski lift

Okay, both options are terrible. I am pretty sure I would be worried sick either way.

However, I still have to choose an option. I pick being stuck on a ski lift. I don’t mind heights too much and I could focus on the scenery to keep myself from panicking. It doesn’t mention where I would be stuck so maybe I would be able to jump down without breaking my neck.

I didn’t have this problem before when I was younger, but now I get claustrophobic easily. I don’t like riding in the car without any air blowing in my face. Recently, we drove in a rental van to Tennessee for my cousin’s wedding. It wasn’t too bad on the way there because it was during the night and I slept most of the way. Coming back was a totally different story. Halfway through Mississippi, I started getting very anxious. I felt like the trip was never ending and that I couldn’t breathe. My dad was driving and he didn’t want the A/C on much because he was afraid it would get his feet cold, and in turn make him need to go to the restroom. One of my brothers was cold and didn’t want the A/C blasting on him either because he was getting a sore throat. Since we didn’t know how to control the vents in the back of the van independently from the front ones, I had to Google it. Once that was fixed, I felt much better.

You can imagine then how I would feel stuck in an elevator. I wouldn’t be able to distract myself with a beautiful landscape. I wouldn’t feel the winds in my face. Cell service isn’t that great in elevators either so I might not be able to watch or listen to something to pass the time.

In conclusion, I would prefer being stuck on a ski lift.

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