Wedding or Funeral

No one shows up to your wedding or No one shows up to your funeral

I have attended funerals where there were so many people, that some had to stay standing in the back. Another one had people in the lobby during the service because the room was so full. I thought that it was a testament of how many lives these people touched. They were going to be greatly missed.

One funeral was very different. There were just a few people, and barely any family. It was sad because it felt like the person must have led a very lonely life. I compared it to the other funerals and wondered if mine would be empty or packed. I think everyone would want to have a lot of people attend because it would show that we meant something to the ones we leave behind. But if we can’t see it for ourselves, does it really matter? Is it more for the other people that are left behind?

I have also planned a wedding. I have felt the stress of organizing a big event for over 225 guests. We didn’t have a wedding planner. We bought the decorations, the linens, and rented all the dinnerware. Our friends and family helped decorate the reception hall. It was a lot of work but we had such a good time that it was worth it.

Now, if my guests had not cared to show up, I would have been really upset. Weddings are expensive, and so much of the planning goes into pleasing the guests. We wanted to make sure they liked the food and that there was enough of it. We rented outdoor heaters so that they could keep warm during the ceremony. Angel had a mariachi band to surprise me and entertain our guests.

So it’s kind of hard to pick between these two. I wouldn’t want an empty funeral because that would mean that I wasn’t doing enough to reach out to others. But I would have been really hurt if no one had shown up to the wedding. It would have changed how I viewed my friendships. Plus, I would have been able to see it with my own eyes that my wedding was disdained. That’s not possible with my funeral because I wouldn’t know. I guess I would pick the empty funeral.

One thought on “Wedding or Funeral

  1. Oh! This is a hard one. You make really good points!! I completely agree. I would rather have an empty funeral. Since I would be gone I wouldn’t be present to experience my own funeral so I think I would be ok if no one went. I also agree that although weddings can be stressful, they are worth it in the end because you get to share that beautiful moment with everyone important in your life.


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