Rewind or Pause

Have Life Rewind Button

Have Life Pause Button

I think a life pause button would be really nice to have. There are so many moments that are so beautiful but they don’t last long. (Maybe that’s their charm?) Anyway, I would prefer it.

I could use this button when the weather is nice and I am in the park. I want to pause it so that I can enjoy the breeze as much as I can, and I can feel relaxed and not worried about it getting too late in the evening. Or this could be during an early morning at the beach, and I can listen to the waves and sea gulls crying before the noise of people drowns it out.

This button would be useful for those moments that can never be repeated such as the first time Angel said hi and smiled at me, the time I was walking across the stage as a graduate and hearing my family and friends cheer me on, and when Angel and I repeated the vows on that frigid December day. It was so terribly cold, but I would have taken the chance to stop everything for a second so that I could look around and see all the people that were there for us. I still don’t know who was missing and who was there. Some guests had left before we got the chance to walk by each table. I would have looked around at the grounds of our beautiful venue, which we didn’t get to enjoy much because of the biting wind.

I wouldn’t ask to rewind my life because this is how it’s meant to be. If I go back, I would be tempted to change certain actions and events thinking that it would have a better result. But if I change anything in my life, it will have repercussions in other people’s lives because we are not alone in this world. We are all connected in one way or another.

The point I am trying to make is mainly for myself. I need to learn how to stop and appreciate every moment I am given. I don’t know if it’s the planner, the introvert, or the anxious person in me that goes over every task I am about to do a bunch of times in my head. I can’t separate the moment I am living right now from thinking about what happens next. I want to get to point that I am able to relish the day I am living, right down to the second. This is why a pause button would be practical for me.

2 thoughts on “Rewind or Pause

  1. I agree! I feel like I would rather have a life pause button. For me, I would also want to take a moment to enjoy certain moments especially those with loved ones! Life passes by too quickly.


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