Would You Rather…

My youngest brother has always enjoyed asking difficult questions. He did this a lot before going to sleep when we used to share a room, back in the day. I think it was a ploy to stay up longer by having to wait for me to stumble my way through a lengthy answer. What is the meaning of life type of questions. Now as a young teen, he loves hypothetical situations. We are in the kitchen and he asks me if I would rather be forever bald, or never have any eyebrows. Oh and I can’t use a wig or draw my eyebrows in.

I was looking on Pinterest for ideas to use as my new writing challenge, and I found one that is right up my brother’s alley. It involves the question “Would you rather…?” and you have to choose between two things provided. Fortunately, the options given are mostly better than the ones he was giving me.

The very first one is if I would rather:

Meet your great grandparents


Meet your great grandchildren

Initially, I thought I would prefer to meet my great-grandchildren. That would mean I get to live a long life, right? Plus, my great-grandparents didn’t seem like they were the most talkative or demonstrative people based on the stories my parents used to tell me. But that’s the way it was back then. No one had the time because there was so much work to be done. Both sides had huge families with many children. Think about having to feed, clothe and take care of more than 10 kids. It was a lot of hard work!

I would like to know how they did it. What kind of food did they make? How were the primary schools? How did they keep warm or cool? How did they have the energy to do so many things? How did they have the strength to give birth so many times? Which invention did they like the best? Which appliance was the most useful to them? It would be really interesting to know their answers to these questions.

So for the next few days, I will be explaining my preference to the question, “Would you rather…?”


2 thoughts on “Would You Rather…

  1. Hmm, I think I would rather meet my great-grandchildren. I have been lucky enough to grow up knowing my great grandmas from both sides so instead I would like to be present for the next generation and create new memories.
    Love this new prompt btw! 😊


    1. That’s true, you have had a really amazing chance to know them! I’m pretty sure your grandmother will have the chance to meet the next generation too. 🙂 Thanks! 😁


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