Day 28

Post five things that make you laugh-out-loud.

I love memes. They are one of the internet’s best gifts to us. I have a couple of friends on Facebook that are constantly posting memes all day, and I have saved so many to my phone over the years that I ran out of space. I think of them as my “meme dealers.”

It will be hard to choose my top five memes, but I’ll try to find my favorite ones so that I can share them with you. Since so many of them are in Spanish, I will post five of them as well. No one can have too many memes, right?


This has happened to me too many times! So embarrassing. It just comes out automatically. It’s like when I say “sorry” to someone when they were the ones that bumped into me.


This is totally me. I’ll have the lights turned off in the restroom, and I keep my eyes closed. Otherwise, if I turn on the light, I wake up too much and it’s hard for me to fall asleep again. My brain starts thinking about one thing and then it leads to another thing.


I had plenty of Taco Bell back in the day when I was a freshman at UH. I probably had it like two or three times a week!


I love the little outstretched paw! It’s so cute. This is Missy (our cat) exemplified. She wants to be petted for like 3 seconds and then she’s done with us for the moment.


Throwing bouquets should be a thing of the past. What would be better than passing on the “cat lady” title to the next single girl?

Now…. here are the memes en español!


Angel has been really good about not being too dramatic, but I still like to tease him anyways.


I love this type of meme so much and I don’t know why they stopped creating them. Who knows why we call cats this way?


I have said it before, and I will say it again. If I ever get a Chihuahua, I would be making memes of the dog all day. They’re so funny!


I’m pretty sure that Angel has seen me looking this disgruntled and disheveled very often. He asks me, “What’s wrong, baby Eveline?” as I am shuffling past him towards the restroom.


No list is complete without a Kermit meme. It’s so awesome when a song has many dimensions to it.


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