Day 23

A letter to someone, anyone.

Dear Tania,

It has been awhile since I last heard from you.

How have you been? Did you become a nurse? I graduated a couple of years ago and was last working as an office assistant.

I got married in 2016. No kids yet, we have just our fur baby Lucy. Maybe we will have some in three or four years from now. Angel wants girls. Do you have someone special in your life?

Are you still in Houston? I always look for your face in the crowd. I have looked for you on social media but I can’t find you. Maybe you changed your last name like I did on Facebook and that’s why I can’t find you. Oscar and Carlos have looked for you as well. We are worried because it’s not like you to disappear without giving us a way to contact you. We are afraid that something bad might have happened to you. How else can we explain the silence?

I hope you know that our friendship remains the same, no matter the time that has passed. We just want to know that you are doing well and that you are safe.

I miss you, Tania.

Take care,


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