Day 17

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Post about your zodiac sign and whether or not it fits you.

I have never been interested in knowing my zodiac sign or reading the horoscope, so I had to do some research in order to be able to write this post.

First things first. According to my birthday, my sign would make me a Leo. There were some things that I could agree with, such as being warm hearted, liking bright colors and being stubborn. But there was one element that kept on popping up throughout the description and it was about wanting to be a leader in all situations. A Leo would want to be the boss at work, be the dominant one in a relationship and be the group leader when with friends. I mean when you think of a lion, you picture the animal that has authority over all of the other animals. That’s not me. I love being a team member. I don’t crave leadership positions because honestly, it makes me anxious to have to tell other people what to do. In our marriage, I feel that Angel and I are pretty equal. We have different strengths and weaknesses, and we lead in the areas where we are better suited.

Another thing that the description mentioned was that Leos like expensive gifts. I have always been a simple girl. I don’t mind if someone wants to give me a really nice gift, but that’s not something I would require. I like gifts that come from the heart, and that show that the person really paid attention to my interests and gave me something that would be meaningful. If Leos love flashy things, being the center of attention, and have great excitement and high energy, then I think that it’s a description of an extrovert. (Again, not me.)

I believe that we are so much more than categories based on the time of the year that we were born. Humans are looking for explanations for behaviors, both good and bad. We want to know why we react a certain a way, or why we like certain things. We want to know what to expect of our future and to know what will happen next. Having a label is comforting to many because it gives them a reason for people’s actions, but it also gives an excuse. I have seen it used as a justification for irritating or bad conduct.

Just because someone has come up with a criterion for behavior it doesn’t mean that we have to stay within its parameters. If we think about the amazing fact that no one in the entire world has been or will be exactly identical to another person, then isn’t there room for individuality? We are molded by our parents, siblings and friends. Our education and culture shape us. Our experiences in life define us. All of these things play a crucial part in how we think, and act. But apart from that, we still have the ability to act differently than how our nature would want us to. Many have seen bad examples of marriages, but they have decided to break the cycle and become a better spouse. Others had horrible parents, but they have chosen to raise their children in a loving manner. We can’t deny that there is a desire for something bigger than just us. It has been placed in our hearts by God. I take comfort in knowing that my life isn’t determined by the position of the stars because God’s plans for me are so much more significant than that.

I matter.

You matter.

Don’t let anyone put you in a box.

2 thoughts on “Day 17

  1. I agree with you. Horoscope to me is like fortune cookies… Like you said, I wouldn’t want to let some other person decide how I’m supposed to act, or use these sayings as excuses for my life’s decisions (or lack of them). It’s a glorified victimization mentality: “That’s just the way I am. It can’t be helped.” Instead, I can see how each decision I take affects the outcome of my life. I’m not doomed to live in the shadow of someone’s predetermined idea of who I’m supposed to be.


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