Day 6

Five ways to win your heart

This post can go two ways. It can either be written in a romantic or in a friendly sense. I am going to take the romantic route and talk about how Angel won my heart.

Humor: I wanted a guy that had a good sense of humor. It was so important for me, because I spend half of my day laughing and the other half trying to make other people laugh. I love how Angel and I have been laughing together since the very first day. He likes to tease me, and I like to tease him back. Recently, we were in a situation that was so ironic. It was so funny to us that we couldn’t stop laughing. We didn’t have to say much, we knew what the other person was thinking. We would look away, then look at each other and start laughing all over again.

Kids: I had seen Angel on Facebook before I met him. A mutual friend had posted a picture of her son getting a haircut, and he left a comment on it. There were a lot of youth that I still didn’t know at the church, so I figured he was one of the new ones. I looked at his profile and saw there was a little boy with him in his profile picture. I assumed it was his son. When I met him at the park, I didn’t realize he was the guy that I had seen on Facebook. In my mind, that other guy was married with a son. At the park, Angel carried the boy, (the one who got a haircut) on his shoulders during a hike. He played with him. That night, he showed me his car key’s keychain. It had a picture of his nephew, the same boy in his profile picture. It won me over because it showed me that he really liked kids and cared for them. He has had such a big role in raising his two nephews and I love that. I have no doubt in his abilities.

Clarity: Angel knows what he wants and goes for it. It was a done deal for us, in less than a month we were officially dating. As I have mentioned before, I do a LOT of thinking and sometimes it can take me awhile to make a decision. If it had been up to me, I would have spend a few more months talking to him before making any moves. I am glad that he was upfront with his feelings since the beginning and that he encouraged me to make that step.

Open book: This one ties in with the previous way to my heart. His face holds no secrets, and no darkness. I only saw goodness when we were introduced. I love that he is a no nonsense, no fluff type of guy. He never played any mental games in order to get me to fall for him. He doesn’t have ulterior motives for starting a friendship. He is who he is, at face value. This is why I am a firm believer that relationships should never be complicated. If two people like each other and are honest with each other, they don’t have to waste time in guessing and playing games.

Champion: I can thank his mother and sister for this one. Angel is not a macho guy. Angel has always pushed me to be more assertive. He wants me to be unafraid to get what I want. He encourages me to go and buy stuff, no explanations needed. He never told me this is what a wife should or should not do. He doesn’t require me to cook if I don’t feel like it one day. He isn’t demanding and I love that about him. I think that when love is in an environment of liberty and freedom, it has so much more potential to grow. I want to do things to make him happy because he doesn’t force me to do things.

What are the ways to win your heart?

2 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. “ ..a firm believer that relationships should never be complicated”. i love that. that is something i think is so true. Why make is so hard? like you said “If two people like each other and are honest with each other, they don’t have to waste time in guessing and playing games.”

    laughter was one of the number one traits i was always looking on someone, having a good sense of humor😄


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