Day 4

Write about someone who inspires you.

This post is dedicated to someone I have known for a long time but have never seen outside of his restaurant.

Many years ago, our group of friends started going to a pizza place after church on Saturday nights. Fabio Apelbaum, the owner, was always very friendly and welcoming. He would walk over to our table, and greet us all. He would ask how we were doing, and if we had gotten married. Sometimes he would send our table complimentary breadsticks or dessert. There would be times when we would go very often, and other times when months would go by without a visit. Regardless, he always remembered us. As Angel and I would approach the counter, Fabio would ask if we wanted our pizza with pineapple all over, and feta cheese on half. He knew how we liked our pizza.



I found these old photos on the Facebook page that were posted back in 2013. That means that this fall, we will have 6 years of eating at My Pizzeria!




My Pizzeria holds many memories for us. We celebrated Angel’s birthday at least twice at the restaurant.The guys sang Christmas songs for Angel’s bachelor party. Our friends did their baby’s gender reveal in the parking lot.


This week, we learned that our favorite pizza place is going through some hardships. It made me so sad to hear that. We must support small businesses because large chain restaurants aren’t going anywhere. The food is delicious every time we go. We always stay until closing, but not once has Fabio kicked us out of the restaurant for being there too long. He is not afraid to show God’s love to everyone that comes in through the front door. There is Christian music playing in the background, and he has a table with different religious literature for his customers to read. You will hear him switching from English, to Spanish, and then to Portuguese as he goes from table to table, speaking with his customers. He has put his heart and soul into his restaurant.

Here is a link to their fundraiser for rent and other expenses of the business.

GoFundMe page

My Pizzeria Facebook Page

If you are ever in the area, please support them.

My Pizzeria is the American dream.

2 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. Oh no! That is so sad to hear that they are going through some hardships 😦 We will definitely stop by there sometime soon! I haven’t been there in a long time but the food was always great! Thank you for sharing 🙂 great post!


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