Day 3

What are your top three pet peeves?

3. My third pet peeve is being left out of the planning process. It’s not that I want the credit for planning things, because I know that is not my area of expertise. Maybe my opinion might sound like I am being an Eeyore, but I can see the big picture and find any flaws that need correcting. I love analyzing stuff, because that gives me the satisfaction of seeing something run smoothly after improvements have been made. Knowing that plans went south due to a lack of consultation and communication is really frustrating for me. 

2. My second pet peeve are those posts on Facebook that are just screaming for attention. I want to apologize now if I ever did that in my Myspace days and early Facebook years. You know those posts, the ones where the person says “I am so upset/sad!” I would ask what was wrong, and the response was “I can’t tell you, it’s a private thing”, or get totally ignored. These posts are extremely annoying. They are not looking for a solution or answer to a problem, but a big pity party.

1. My number one, TOP of the TOP, pet peeve is when I am walking behind people that are walking slowly. I don’t mind if they are elderly or physically unable to walk faster. Usually, it’s a group of people taking up the whole sidewalk so that there is no possibility to pass them. I have to slow down my pace, and it bugs me so much. This used to happen all of the time at UH. My classes were scattered all over campus because they were never in a specific building, so I had to rush from one place to another. One thing I should point out though, two of my steps equal the stride of a long legged person. In order for me to keep up with tall people, I have to walk even faster. It’s a habit now.

What are your pet peeves?


7 thoughts on “Day 3

    1. Open mouth chewing gets to me too!!! Ugh! When I hear/see it I feel like it is someone scratching on a chalkboard. I walk away sometimes when it is overwhelmingly bad. Loud slurping also grinds my gears so much!!


  1. Lol! Walking behind slow people is one of David’s pet peeves as well!
    1. Laziness/no initiative (work environment mostly)
    2. Repeating myself multiple times
    3. Loud slurping/open mouth chewing/making noises while eating!


  2. 1. People being inconsiderate (which would include the slow-walkers blocking my stride, or when people hurry to take the best seat or whatever, unaware of others…)
    On a more mundane level,
    2. People squishing avocados in the store.
    3. Toilet paper hung in the “underhand” way.
    Kinda feels good to officially get it off my chest! 😁


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